21-Jun-2016 09:16

What are Terminators Afraid of? Minimization of Business Risks


Anyone, who has ever thought about the organization of business in a niche of the VoIP GSM traffic termination, has some doubts. Since this area is still not very developed and unknown for many, fear of potential terminators make sense. What are new entrepreneurs afraid of, and how to minimize the business risks?

The question of legality of the GSM-termination

The most common concern is about the legality of the voice traffic termination. Indeed, there are countries where this type of activity involves responsibility by the law. However, there are hardware and software solutions to mask the VoIP termination equipment. For example, you can use the SIM-bank together with the SIM-server, controlling gateways remotely. You can place GSM gateways in different parts of the city and to keep only the simpool at hand. The sim server gsm will provide you security, even if the gateway is discovered, it will be far away from you.

The partner search problem

Some employers fear that they could not find the originators, thus making their business impossible. In reality, it is not a problem. You can visit online forums and social networks to contact the right people, who provide traffic.

GoAntiFraud helps the customers find a reliable originator. We provide contact details of our trusted partners with whom you can start negotiations for profitable GSM termination.

Unstable power supply

Possible problems with power supply and internet connection failures deter many potential terminators. Such fears are understandable since such problems make it difficult to terminate calls in sufficient amounts. But there is a solution to minimize the risks, which are services provided by cloud data centers. By placing your equipment in locations with a stable internet connection and power supply, you will protect yourself from unexpected problems with the signal feed. In many African and the Middle East countries, where there is no possibility to connect the high-speed internet, terminators successfully use the services of data centers.

Locking by AntiFraud systems

Some countries have GSM operators monitoring the activity of termination so intensively that the entrepreneurs do not run the risk of starting a termination business. Intense SIM-card lock dramatically reduces the profitability of the routes. However, if you use a sound approach to the protection of SIM-cards against AntiFraud systems, the risks are minimized. There are various voip services that provide efficient tools to prevent the SIM-blocking. For example, GoAntiFraud service.

GoAntiFraud can help bypass operator calls and mimic human behavior, thus providing reliable protection for terminated SIM-cards.

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