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GSM Traffic Termination: Profitable Sale of the Route

As in any business, profit from VoIP GSM termination depends on the demand for services. In order to start making money, the terminator should find the customer who buys his route. In terms of termination, the route means a route, through which voice traffic is transmitted. Purchaser of the route is an originator providing a VoIP-signal for further conversion to GSM.

Interaction of the GSM termination of market participants

Let us consider the principle of cooperation of the terminators and originators. When user A calls user B from one country to another, he pays a certain amount for each minute of an international call. The mobile operator carries the call through a GSM-antenna and then converts a GSM-signal into VoIP. He goes to look for an intermediary, ready to carry out the traffic in the country, in which subscriber B lives. The mediator (a transit company) receives margin, a commission from the mobile operator, for it.

However, this intermediary is not the last in the scheme of the call to subscriber B’s country. It refers to a lesser transit company, which agrees to provide the further passage of an international call for a lower margin. After receiving the money, the latter look for a terminator to circumvent a local mobile operator. In cooperation with the operator, the originator will have to pay a large sum, and a terminator will charge his route approximately two times less. The terminator, in turn, converts the VoIP- traffic in GSM- traffic using the gateways and lands the call to subscriber B at the local tariff. Thus, he earns on the difference between the amount received from the originator and the cost of a local call.

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Searching for originators

Now you understand that the terminator’s customer is the originator (a transit company that conducts traffic from another country). The route buyers are easy to find if you provide quality and timely call landing. There are several options to find customers:

  • Topic forums;
  • Social networks;
  • Companies that sell VoIP-equipment. Large corporations engaged in the sale of gateways and SIM-banks are often transit providers. They are interested in buying routes for their traffic.

What determines the cost of the route?

In order to sell route at a more expensive price, you will need to provide it with proper quality. Substandard routes lack demand on the GSM termination market, and they are either not bought or bought at a low price. To be able to sell your routes at a high cost, it is important to achieve high ACD and ASR parameters that depend on the number of SIM-locked and the Internet connection speed.

  • ACD stands for average call duration. 3-4 minutes are a good indicator.
  • ASR is the ratio of successful calls (lasting longer 0 min.) to the total number of calls. A good indicator is 30-50%.
GoAntiFraud will help you profitably sell your route. We offer our customers proven contact data on originators that provide traffic. Thanks to efficient SIM-card masking tools to protect against AntiFraud systems, you can improve your statistic performance and hence sell your services more profitably.

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