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GoIP 8 Purchase and Configuration


GoIP 8 is perhaps the best type of the gateway for communication in small businesses. It connects IP-telephony to the GSM-network. VoIP-GSM Gateway GoIP 8 supports all major protocols of equipment for the transmission and routing of calls, including caller ID, Speed Dial, fax files sending, SMS, and so on.

Of all the types of equipment, GoIP 8 is a sought-after because it combines the best features and advantages. Setting GoIP 8, in contrast to the device with a bigger number of channels, is a lot easier because it requires taking into account the parameters of as few as 8 SIM-cards. However, it is functional and optimally loads the SIM-card lines, unlike a 1-2-4 channel device.

The GSM Gateway GoIP 8 is much cheaper than the 16 or 32-channel equipment. For this reason, according to the demand research, the majority of users are willing to buy the GoIP 8. As for the ratio of price and performance, this device can be called the best choice for termination. The GoIP 8 price ranges from $ 730 up to $998, depending on the place of sale, the in-between companies, etc.

GoAntiFraud offers a comprehensive solution for best GSM termination using
GoIP equipment . We cooperate directly with Hybertone manufacturer, so you can buy GSM gateways and SIM GoIP banks at the lowest price. For those who begin doing VoIP termination, we offer NewBusiness solution that includes the required set of equipment, software for automation and tools to protect against the SIM-block.

In order to configure the equipment correctly, you need an IP-address of the device to connect it to your computer. Multichannel gateways connect in turn by grouping the channels or by means of the connection as individual trunks.

The first method is the most convenient. It combines the SIM-card of one operator to the group to facilitate further distribution of traffic. The second method is suitable for operating SIM-cards of many operators simultaneously.

The new PSTN should be installed and connected to each line of the gateway. When connected to a gateway, the system assigns a virtual ID number and a password, and then you need to register a traffic discriminating code. Its setting will give the opportunity to see an incoming call location and a call dialing code.

When you connect the device, you should also pay attention to the firmware version. To date, the latest GoIP 8 firmware number is FV GHS-4.01-25-1. However, it would be problematic for an inexperienced user to connect and configure a GoIP-equipment network.

To avoid prolonged trouble with GoIP-equipment firmware versions, server connections and other settings of the software, we have prepared a simple installer based on the integrated product GoAntiFraud, which originally includes all the required settings for GoIP gateways.

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