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What are the Migration and Rotation of SIM-cards for?


Anyone, who is engaged in GSM traffic termination, sets the main task of the protection of SIM-cards against AntiFraud. Mobile operators are constantly improving their analytical system of tracking terminated numbers, therefore, in the absence of reliable tools against SIM-card lock, SIM-cards are locked in a remarkably short time.

The average duration of the lifespan of SIM-cards is one week. However, it all depends on the country: in some regions AntiFraud systems are so severe that the numbers can be blocked within a few hours after activation.

It is known that mobile operators use "humanity parameters", which they use to detect terminators. To date, there are about 15 of humanity parameters. One of the key parameters is moving around the city and the number of outgoing calls per day. A real user cannot constantly be in the same place (where there is a GSM gateway). He goes to work, goes shopping, etc., so if you do not imitate the movement of the device, the number will immediately get blocked. The same applies to the number of outgoing calls per day. The mobile operators have a "norm" of calls, which a real person can make a day - up to 30. If the activity of the SIM-card exceeds the norm, it means that it works in the gateway and terminates in GSM traffic uninterruptedly.

In order to simulate human behavior in the network using the two parameters, tools such as migration and rotation of SIM-cards are applied. Migration is a virtual moving of cards between GSM gateways. For the safety, the terminators place these devices in different parts of the city, and virtually moving the map between gateways, you can mimic their movements, as if they are real people with phones.

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To have sim cards migrating, you must use the SIM-bank. You can change the SIM-cards in the box manually because the device slots correspond the GSM gateway slots connected to it. You can also remotely move the SIM-cards with the help of specialized software called SIM-server.

In addition to migration of SIM-cards,the software can rotate cards. The sim cards rotation function allows using multiple cards to operate in one gateway channel. How is it done? The SIM-cards installed in the SIM bank are divided into groups, which are "tied" to a specific GSM-channel. In the process of termination they "change" with each other, that virtually gets in and out of the slots. Thus, SIM-cards make calls in turn. This ensures that the distribution of terminated traffic among SIM-cards. Building your GSM termination logic, you can distribute calls among the cards so that the number of calls for each of them does not exceed 30 per night. It will take suspicion of mobile operators away, at least temporarily. As a bonus, the rotation allows you to optimize the cost of SIM-cards.

GoAntiFraud will allow you to extend the lifespan of SIM cards. By connecting your gateway to our server, you will have access to proven tools to protect against AntiFraud systems, as well as be able to work with the built-in SIM-server that has SIM-cards rotating. To simulate the movement around the city, we suggest using a "roadmap" provided by GoAntiFraud.

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