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Combined Solutions for Improved Voice Quality


To provide a good VoIP connection and a normal quality of voice traffic, i.e. voice when speaking, a variety of devices are used. To this end, companies typically install multiple connected devices and adjust them properly, or monitor the trunks in the equipment.

For example, Asterisk is installed within the local network, while MikroTik is connected after the router. To allocate a server channel and install PBX, some part of the channel provider should be removed, using the method of allocation for IP. Necessary traffic other than IP-addresses can be viewed via the protocol and the size of packages. Both options can operate if the settings and connections are correct.

However, this traffic can be specified in the network as a backup. In order to increase it, it is important to remove entries from the Connection tracking and specify the "priority traffic", including DSCP. Using the asterisk setting, on the server PBX you need to learn the user type and turn on an asterisk. For example, you should specify CS5 in the grep asterisk/etc/ passwd|cut -d: -f3 function in the format of 40, within DSCP.

Digital traffic is mainly indicated in the system with multiple values: for Cisco (CS3) - DSCP, but for RTP - EF. It is necessary to select it in the configuration.

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Setting links of providers and routing is carried out using two ISP, one of which is connected via Ethernet, the second PPPoE. The route is added manually, from 0 to 3, when the interface can be viewed. After connecting all the links and data, it is important to check them on the interface and PPPoE-connections, checking on the availability of PingTarget, together with ISP2.

At the same time, it is easier and more efficient for many users to monitor and set up the asterisk trunk because the flaw in this issue affects the whole operation of the system, and their lack of functioning can occur because of problems with the internet connection. You will then have to restore all data manually.

To save resources and time, the setting is performed by means of the sh script, by checking the total number of trunks. To do this, you should create a folder in zabbix for the script and specify #mkdir/etc/zabbix/scripts, with the script to run and results to be expected.

Next, you should duplicate actions on the servers, creating a pattern, add the UserParameter and an important section of the Items. Then you should fill in the necessary data, including the time interval. Upon receipt of the notification trigger, you should save it and watch as the system starts. When there is an error, you should add etc/sudoers, or /usr/ sbin/asterisk, and then update the data.

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