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The Use of SIM-banks in the VoIP GSM Termination


The GSM termination of voice traffic is difficult to carry out without the appropriate equipment. In addition to VoIP gateways, so-called SIM-banks or SIM-boxes intended for the storage of large quantities of SIM-cards are used. Their use is especially important to those terminators, who provide large amounts of traffic. Such equipment is used in conjunction with VoIP GSM gateways and transmits all the information on the SIM-cards to them.

In addition to the integrated card storage, sim boxes perform another important function. They provide terminators with security because they can be remotely connected to the VoIP gateway. Connected to the gateway, the SIM-bank can be kept separately. Thus, the terminator can operate multiple gateways placed in different parts of the city, with the cards kept in one place and the device home. The terminator will not have to care that the authorities will uncover the gateways.

Not everyone, who is engaged in VoIP GSM-termination, buys the gsm sim bank. This is especially true for beginners and entrepreneurs whose business has not expanded yet. The terminator will need a professional solution for more efficient operation of SIM-cards as the volume of terminated traffic increases.

GoAntiFraud is designed for those who are engaged in GSM termination . You can connect your equipment to our service and increase profits of your business in the first months of work! We also offer packages for beginners NewBusiness, which include sets of GoIP equipment by EjoinTech & ChinaSkyline, necessary for a successful start.

Types of SIM-banks

Existing market SIM-boxes differ in capacitance. That is, different models are designed for storage of the different number of SIM-cards. This parameter depends on the equipment manufacturer but there are the most common solutions:

  • 32 cards;
  • 128 cards;
  • 256 cards.

Imitation of SIM-card travels

Using the SIM-boxes, traffic terminators can prolong the lifespan of cards that receive calls. For this purpose, there are two main schemes:

  • Installing the SIM-server. You can install special-purpose software on the device that will ensure the migration of SIM-cards among VoIP gateways located in different places. Accordingly, the calls will be distributed among the cards, simulating human behavior. The carrier, using AntiFraud systems to detect terminators, will believe gateways to be real people, who move around the city.
  • Manual relocation of SIM-cards. Some terminators manually relocate the SIM-cards in the device between the slots. Each slot is tied to a specific VoIP gateway channel to imitate human behavior.

There is another solution to extend the lifespan of SIM-cards, which is GoAntiFraud, using an integrated approach to simulate the movement of cards in the city.

Start a GSM termination business with GoAntiFraud! We provide a comprehensive solution that helps avoid mass blocking of SIM-cards and provide 100% efficiency of your equipment. The service is compatible with GSM gateways and SIM-banks from GoIP, EjoinTech & ChinaSkyline, and Topex.

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