13-Oct-2014 15:01

From Ford T to 4G: a revolution in automotive technology

The automotive industry is poised for major changes in more than 100 years. Machine, connected to the Internet and smart phones will change our understanding of cars, given that about 90% of cars will be equipped with devices to transfer data to the year 2020. Such seismic shifts auto industry did not know since how Ford Model T was the first car produced at the assembly line.

To this day, the term «connected car» industry was perceived mainly as another buzzword. However, it seems that right now we are on the verge of radical changes. Recent studies suggest that consumers are more than wiling to use the fruits of this revolution - more than 80% of them believe that the compound machine with internet and smartphone will be as commonplace as a smartphone or home devices connected to the network.

And if consumers open the possibility of a new era, what exactly to expect in the next couple of years and what are the prospects of technological development it-the industry has to offer in a more distant future?

Security and Diagnostics

Although it does not seem the most interesting, but studies have shown that an increase in security - that's what worries most drivers. 73% of them say that this is the most important, what they expect from data transmission technologies in cars. Most likely, this carmakers and focus in the near future.

Regulation of the European Union's eCall, which requires to have a pre-installed devices to automatically dial emergency services on all new cars will come into force in 2015. The device will send important information such as the time and place of the accident, rescue services; which means that drivers can quickly get help at any point in the EU. After all, it is expected that the response time in case of an accident will be reduced by half.

A wide field for the development of diagnostics will also play a crucial role in the revolution connected car. Imagine an application that allows you to check status of the machine from your smartphone or tablet before you get into it. You can call the mechanic for repair, rather than face his charms in the middle of the road. This is a great example of how the data transmission technology to help motorists, and that on which automakers are already working such as Jaguar Land Rover.


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