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Selection of Internet Provider in Yerevan

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Last year, as little as 150,356 residents had constant access to the Internet, primarily because of the high cost of connection. For example, the average price in the internet cafes range from $0.25 to $0.33 an hour.

As we have already mentioned the reason for the high tariffs is that ArmenTel (Vimpelcom Group), representing Beeline, initially monopolized telecommunications market providing Beeline. Providers, in turn, buy its channels and resell to users.

Only recently, GNC-Alfa (TM Rostelecom) began to provide fixed internet connection throughout Armenia. However, in comparison with Russia and Azerbaijan, there is still the lowest network bitrate, what is good only for home VoIP . According to local businessmen, the Internet in Armenia does not meet even the basic corporative needs in small business pbx . There have been repeated cases of complete disappearance of communication throughout the country, in particular, because of a single communication line and no alternative connection channels available to the country.

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As a result, the best option is GNC-Alfa, the only provider to terminate across the entire territory of Armenia. Despite the relatively high price, the provider maintains a high standard of the bitrate and quality of communication. An optimal 35 Mb/s Package will cost $20.75 a month.

YourNet enjoys positive feedback from the terminators in Yerevan. The provider offers up to 29 MB of monthly traffic for as little as $ 18.68. It is worth paying attention to this tariff when you plan on long-term operation with VoIP international because YourNet offers 3 months of free connection to new subscribers as a promotion event.

More about VoIP providers in Armenia here.

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