25-Dec-2015 13:33

Termination Price Comparison: Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan


The termination price per country is believed to be a rather stable phenomenon. At the same time, prices may vary from 5 to even 10 cents. In this case, everything depends on a city and an operator. Therefore, no need to remind that the deviation of even 1 cent can cost a terminator or an originator extra few thousand dollars a day.

These statistical data are compiled for a general understanding of prices in the GSM-termination market, as well as for information purposes only to make VoIP provider list . Under no circumstances, they are not a rigid price list for trade between transiters and terminators or to make hosted VoIP solutions .

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  1. Armenia. 22 cents per minute in Yerevan and about 10 cents in the country. Depending on the package, there is a chance to save additional 2 cents, for example, by selecting MTS Super0.
  2. Azerbaijan. 18-20 cents per minute. This is one of the most expensive countries in the region, in particular, because of the difference in tariffs in Baku and regions.
  3. Afghanistan. 5-8 cents per minute, depending on the operator. Despite the low price, there is a constant stream of calls to the country, which gives the opportunity to make money for 24 hours. The only drawback for the termination can be low ACD and the poor quality of Internet connection.
  4. Uzbekistan. 8 cents per minute. By and large, tariffs in this country are unpredictable. First of all, the state strictly regulate the market and terminators may encounter risks when operating and strong VoIP fraud system.
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