18-Jan-2016 15:15

Cameroon Internet Service Providers


Many terminators are interested in VoIP IP Telephony in Cameroon. However, starting to work in this country you should immediately prepare for the poor quality of the Internet connection. Communications operate using the old standard Minitel X.25.

Internet dialup services are concentrated in large cities. Unfortunately, the outdated equipment and frequent loss of communication are not the best companions for terminators. However, VoIP telephony continues to develop intensely as the poor quality of the internet connection does not allow providers to inflate prices.

As for a developing country, tariffs of providers here are much higher than in Europe and America, but still tolerable, given the current situation in Mexico, Chile or Nicaragua. Thus, VoIP terminators’ earnings in the first month can reach $160 or more. At the same time, by signing a large order, you should take into account the average bandwidth in the country: from 256 Kbit / s to 1 Mb / s, making it impossible to maintain the high ASR for a big number of channels.

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The main providers of ADSL-standard are Camtel, Creolink Communications and Telkom. The first of the mentioned is a state enterprise that provides services to private clients and public institutions for public networks. The other three packages provide a connection with access to TV channels or corporate offers for large and medium-sized businesses.

Taking into account what Camtel proposes, a VoIP provider should monthly provide from $254 to $811 for the Internet budget. Customers of Creolink Communications may pay an additional subscriber fee for the installation of the up-to-date equipment. However, thepackage of up to 128 kb / s will cost as little as $85 for 5 GB.

At the same time, due to the weak development of the telecommunications market in Cameroon, there is an opportunity to personally negotiate with the providers about the convenient VoIP GSM tariffs for the terminator.

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