The Server to Select for VoIP
The Server to Select for VoIP
24-May-2016 08:50

The Server to Select for VoIP

The server plays a key role for the goip equipment. It is the "heart" of your entire IP-telephony system. In order for you to be sure of the reliability of the device, you need to understand the criteria for its evaluation. As a rule, when buying the server, the user faces two problems: the power and functionality of the equipment does not meet the needs of the company or the company does not need a "margin of safety".

Buying an ip telephony server, you should pay attention to the following criteria:

  • The number of extensions that will be connected to it;
  • The number of simultaneous calls that are scheduled to take place;
  • Types of telephone lines which are connected to the device.

You should choose the equipment in accordance with these parameters so that its capacity and performance meet the needs of the company. Focus on two main choice criteria.

The type of the body frame

There are 2 main types of body frame used to manufacture the modern VoIP-servers:

  • Tower - floor device;
  • Rack-Mount - rack device.

The first type is the ideal solution for small companies that do not have a server room and equipment rack. This compact device can be placed in any corner of the office. Modern Tower VoIP-servers have noise-free enclosures, allowing employees work in the same room without interference.

Rack servers that ensure proper functioning of the station are appropriate for the companies that develop dynamically. By purchasing this type of equipment, you should consider its height in accordance with rack sizes.

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The performance features

The server performance depends on memory and CPU power. Today the market offers devices, whose minimum memory is 2 GB. This is sufficient for the VoIP server of a small firm but only on condition that it would serve only the phone system. For clarity, we should note that 512 MB of "RAM" are enough to serve about 10 extensions.

As for the processor, you have to make your choice based on how your company is:

  • Intel Core/Xeon - high-performance devices for large firms;
  • AMD Athlon, AMD N40L are excellent solution for small organizations.

Taking into account the listed choice options, you can choose the VoIP-server that meets the needs of your company.

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