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Functions of the SIM-bank and Its Setting


The SIM-bank provides remote access to SIM-cards and centralized control of M-gateways. This device is a critical component of the entire VoIP-system and is necessary for the successful GSM termination. The SIM-bank can quickly connect more than 200 SIM-cards, distribute and replace them if necessary remotely and in the automatic mode, as well as process data via TCP/IP.

The SIM-server together with gateways supports the operation of the SIM-bank. For this reason skillful and competent setting is important. Otherwise, calls cannot reach the gateway, or loss of channels may occur, which is unacceptable when you do VoIP-termination.

For this reason, the SIM-bank should be set up so that all the SIM-card can be viewed optimally without losing them. To do this, the device and all gateways are installed in the DMZ or connected to DDNS, with the bank address to be specified in them. Gateways should be dynamically selected, start from the primary. If the request to the SIM-bank is not successful, you must adjust settings.

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To connect GoIP to the SIM-server through the Internet, it is important to turn on client mode in the SIM-bank, according to the schedule: schedule mode = fixed mode. When using schedule mode = schedule, the gateways will automatically change the SIM-cards from different zones. Then they find a dedicated line using the white IP-address static, with the DMZ to be set up on the router.

When operating along with the router, you may not turn on DBL or DDNS-server to tie to the SIM-bank. Usually, it specifies statistics with MAC tied to IP. Then the SIM-bank should be entered to the DMZ, together with a static IP. The security password for the SIM-card balance should be entered in the SIM-bank. The statistics for devices should be specified for routers.

After DDNS has been set up, all the main fields, the value for the service provider, the port, time, SN-number of the device should be made available. For example, fixed mode should specify the unit code, zone code, where the number of lines on the equipment should be selected. The remote gateway receives information about the GSM SIM box and the SIM-card, which is connected, according to the number of lines in the appropriate order.

You can efficiently and quickly set up the SIM-bank in association with GoAntiFraud. It provides current versions of the firmware that allows the correct operation of the devices. The terminator can always update the SIM-bank firmware through GoAntiFraud.

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