23-Sep-2016 14:57

Can a Mobile Operator Locate a GSM-gateway?


GSM-termination makes a serious competition to mobile operators. To suppress termination of calls, they use analytical antifraud systems. Once the SIM-cards involved in the landing calls are identified, these numbers are blocked by the cellular operator. Another way to detect termination is the search for GSM-gateways using a locator.

Seasoned terminators argue that GSM operators do not the locator. Although, according to other versions, each of them has a privileged Location-based service to determine the subscriber's location. For example, in Russia MLS-innovation of Mobile Location Service are used. It is a system that tracks the user's location by means of triangulation algorithm. The accuracy in sparsely populated areas is up to 1 thousand meters, and in the big cities it is up to 125 m.

At the same time Time of Arrival (TOA) is considered more accurate. The location is determined when there is a signal, measured and matched by the algorithm. The data are matched to the time interval for the passage via several base stations. Observed Time Difference (OTD) utilizes the same principle.

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Operators use an extension method for Enhanced Observed Time Difference (E-OTD). Additional algorithm Location Measurement Unit (LMU) reduces the inaccuracy in the identification of a user's location to a few meters.

A technique called Cell ID Identify allows calculating the coordinates of the cell phone using the table layout and GSM cell radius. It is most popular with MTS in Russia. Simulators installed at the new BS employ the principle similar to the Cell ID to search and detect the GSM gateway VoIP. The devices are designed for the connection search method. The customizable system unfolds in a convenient location to check for the connection of unauthorized devices. ThesimulatorrevealsIMEI / IMSI-address.

On the other hand, this innovation cannot influence the voice termination, especially when it comes to many distant cities, districts and villages. The conclusion is clear: it is better to terminate in sparsely populated areas, then the discovery of equipment by means of the locator is unlikely.

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