Voice Traffic Termination via MTN, a GSM Operator
Voice Traffic Termination via MTN, a GSM Operator
19-Jun-2017 09:21

Voice Traffic Termination via MTN, a GSM Operator

To do a profitable voice termination, it is important to choose the right cellular operator whose traffic will be terminated in the selected country. First of all, you need to pay attention to the subscriber base of the operator - the bigger it is, the better. A large operator provides a lot of traffic daily, including international traffic. This allows the terminator to have the maximum number of calls paid off and, accordingly, to make more money.

Another thing you need to pay attention to is prepaid packages for subscribers. Since the termination is illegal in most countries, and operators block the number suspected of terminating their GSM traffic, it will not be possible to formalize a contract for the provision of services. When you choose a mobile operator, an important parameter is the tariffs for local calls. The lower they are, the more money the terminator will be able to make.

A very popular GSM operator, which is chosen for terminating voice traffic, is MTN. It is an international company providing services in many European, African, and Asian countries. In 2016, the subscriber base of MTN Group consisted of more than 232.6 million users. The operator operates in 20 countries but it receives the largest profit in Nigeria, which covers 35% of the entire cellular services market.

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We recommend terminating MTN traffic in the following countries:

  • Afghanistan (6.4 million connections);
  • Benin (3.9 million);
  • Botswana (1.7 million);
  • Cameroon (9.6 million);
  • Ghana (17.5 million);
  • Côte d'Ivoire (8.2 million);
  • Liberia (1.4 million);
  • Nigeria (58.9 million);
  • Sudan (8.8 million);
  • Uganda (9.8 million).

By deploying VoIP SIM equipment in one of the above-mentioned African countries or in Afghanistan, you can efficiently terminate MTN traffic. However, remember that the larger the GSM operator is, the more money it contributes to the development of powerful AntiFraud systems. Therefore, it is important to take care of reliable protection of SIM-cards from being blocked.

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