7 Tips for Buying SIM-cards for Voice Termination
7 Tips for Buying SIM-cards for Voice Termination
31-Jan-2017 10:56

7 Tips for Buying SIM-cards for Voice Termination

To start a successful GSM termination business, it takes not just buying any SIM-cards and beginning to terminate calls. You must competently approach to this issue because in many countries antifraud systems numbers are blocked in a couple of hours after they have been activated.

We have prepared for you the tips that will be useful for beginners in this business when they purchase SIM-cards. The transformation of international voice traffic through a gsm bridge will bring you maximum profit only if you minimize the risks of SIM-block.

  • Learn in advance about the features of buying numbers in a country

First, find out whether there are features/limitations for the purchase of mobile numbers in the country where you plan to terminate. You should also find out if you need any documents to do this, and whether there is a limit of the number of SIM-cards that you are buying. If there is, then it is necessary to find workarounds. For example, have your contacts register the cards, or search the social networks and specialized forums for dealers selling SIM-cards to do GSM termination.

  • Do not buy numbers in which last digits differ

SIM-cards must have numbers that have various digits. Identical numbers with different last digits certainly cause mobile operators to suspect that calls are terminated.

Cloud service GoAntiFraud is developed for profitable VoIP GSM termination. Connect your equipment by GoIP, EjoinTech & ChinaSkyline or Topex to our service, and you will provide it with 100% productivity. Our technical experts will help you to quickly set up the GSM gateways and basic logic of termination.
  • Do not activate all purchased numbers at once

You cannot activate a lot of SIM-cards, especially if the numbers are similar. It is better to do it gradually at certain time intervals so AntiFraud systems do not follow it.

  • Choose the most profitable tariff plan

Pay attention to how profitable a particular tariff plan is, from the point of view of termination as your earnings directly depend on it. The difference between the high price of international calls and cheap sip tariffs for local calls provides maximum earnings.

  • Buy SIM-cards of major GSM operators

Choose the SIM-card of the operators that provide the most traffic in the country. This will allow you to have as many calls as possible paid off and get the maximum profit.

  • Pre-calculate the number of SIM-cards that you need to start

To begin terminating, you will need a lot of SIM cards. Note that one card will serve an average of 3-7 days, and then will be blocked by AntiFraud systems. Quite often, the card is blocked within 2-8 hours of operation. Therefore, you should consider how many SIM-cards you need to terminate within the first month. Their number depends on the number of channels in your gateways and on the duration of the lifespan of the card. Get your cards protected from being locked by the operator.

To do this, there are software solutions to simulate the behavior of a person, such as GoAntiFraud. If you have an 8-channel gateway, you'll need about 32 cards to get started considering that cards will be blocked every week. You should also use an appropriate SIM-bank.

By establishing a GSM termination business, you will get stable and high income. But you need to consider all nuances for a successful start.

We have developed GoAntiFraud service to improve the efficiency of GSM termination. Proven tools to bypass AntiFraud systems can significantly extend the lifespan of SIM-cards. With our service you can automate routine actions to work with SIM-cards and remotely control all equipment from a single personal account.
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