The Program Module Call Center Elastix for Your Business
The Program Module Call Center Elastix for Your Business
17-Aug-2016 11:27

The Program Module Call Center Elastix for Your Business

If your business handles much information in the form of telephone queries, you cannot do without the organization of a call center, based on IP-telephony. Termination of calls via VoIP or GSM gateways will allow you to considerably save on your and program centers to service calls will allow having efficient communication with customers.

Nowadays, contact with clients is an acute need for companies selling software, consumer goods, computer equipment and so on. The VoIP call center will be a great solution for businesses that provide technical support over the phone.

Today the Elastix platform based on Asterisk is the most popular for VoIP telephony installation. If you are using elastix goip as a software PBX, you can connect the Call Centre module. Using it, you can create "campaigns" of incoming and outgoing calls, that is, to make and receive calls in a certain sequence. The predictive dialer installed in this software will call "target" phone numbers automatically.

The program module consists of two basic components:

  • Agent console with the web interface for easy use;
  • Call control interface.

The term "agent" means a call center operator, who communicates with the subscribers (customers).

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Module functions

Software performs many functions, including:

  • Automatic calls to customers using a list of telephone numbers;
  • Multiple queues of calls;
  • Control of calls that the operator receives and makes;
  • Storage of operating scenarios created for the operators;
  • Call hold mode;
  • Creating predictive dialing plans;
  • Reporting on calls made in the system;
  • Predictive dialer.

How to get started with the module

To get started with the Call Center module, a few steps will suffice:

  • Installation of the software module (call "addon" menu in Elastix and click "install", the installation software will start automatically).
  • Creating a group with the settings for the operators (System -> Users -> Group: Create new group. To set up the permissions, go to the "Group Permissions" menu).
  • Creating users for operators (System -> Users -> Create new user). The module does not limit you on the number of users to be created.
  • Creating extensions. They should be created in accordance with the number of working operators. All agents must be assigned SIP numbers in Elastix and provide them with softphones to operate. Elastix module will transmit queues of calls to the SIP-numbers of operators.
  • Creating agents (Call Center -> Agent Options -> Agents: New agent). The system will automatically generate a password for the operator to have access to the call center.
  • Creating the necessary call queues. It is necessary to place agents’ numbers, for which we want to assign a specific queue. The A prefix is indicated before each assigned operator’s number.

With the proper setup, the Elastix Call Center module will ensure that operators efficiently communicate with customers.

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